Membership Plans

  • Bronze

    Every month
    1 Practice per Week
    • Great way to give the sport a try!
  • Silver

    Every month
    For wrestlers who want to develop their skills
    • 2 Sessions Per Week: Includes Regular and/or Specialty
  • Most Popular


    Every month
    Unlimited Classes for athletes ready for the next level
    • Unlimited Regular Practice Sessions
  • Gold Sibling

    Every month
    3x week (sibling discount)
    • Gold

      Every month
      For wrestlers who are ready for more in-depth training
      • 3 Sessions Per Week
    • Silver Sibling

      Every month
      2x week (sibling discount)
      • Bronze (Sibling)

        Every month
        1x week (Sibling)
        • Olympic Sibling

          Every month
          Unlimited Practices (Sibling Discount)
          • Beginner Summer Camp

            3 Week session for new athletes
            Valid for one month
            • T/TH 10:45-Noon July 6-22
          • July Special

            New Member special- try unlimited classes for $100!
            Valid for one month